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Most of the content of the blog is part of the following sequences each which are designed to be read as a whole rather than as individual posts:

An introduction to decision theory – This sequence will introduce decision theory, explore the standard debates and then argue that there is a second interesting question of decision theory which remains underexplored.

Basic concepts in the formalisation of thought – This sequence will explore basic concepts in the formalisation of thought especially as it related to logic, probabalistic reasoning and inductive reasoning. Most of these posts will be able to be read alone.

Reasoning with causality – A sequence exploring causal reasoning by exploring the works of Judea Pearl and other researchers into how to reason with causal information and the use of Bayesian Networks in this process.

Less Wrong and decision theory – A beginner level sequence designed to introduce people to decision theory and to explain why posters on the blogging site Less Wrong feel the need to develop new decision theories.

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